Friday, May 13, 2016

The Devil's Game - Opening Scene

         Karina handed the cups to the barista behind her and faced the next customer. Her breath hitched slightly at the sight of him. His hazel eyes shining brightly against his caramel skin and jet-black hair were the most intense thing she’d ever seen, and though no interaction had occurred yet, she felt sure that she had done something wrong just by looking at him.
She cleared her throat. “What can I get you today, sir?”

“A grande macchiato, please,” he said in the most exquisite voice ever—a warm baritone that gently caressed her ears. The fact that it came from such a sensual mouth only made it all the more seductive.

Karina tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear and forced herself to look at the cash register and ring up his coffee.

“That will be four dollars and eighty-five cents,” she told him, reaching for a sixteen-ounce cup and writing his order on it. “And can I get your name?”

“Excuse me?” he asked, and she risked looking at him. His eyebrow was raised, and again she felt as though she had slighted him.

“I need it for the order,” she said quietly. “So it gets to the right person.”

Just then, one of the baristas called out a customer’s name.

He gave a slight nod. “Damien.”

She wrote the name as he pulled cash from his wallet, and the transaction was completed. He stepped aside to wait for his drink as another customer walked up to the register. Karina was sure she could feel his gaze burning into her, but she didn’t dare look his direction in case she was right.

Two more customers went through her line before she heard the name Damien called out, and this time, she couldn’t help glancing his way, as though even his name held a power over her. She watched him grab his drink and quickly walk to the door, where he stopped and turned, giving her a quizzical look, then walked outside to where a man was waiting for him. When he was gone from sight, Karina released a ragged breath she didn’t even realize she’d been holding.

“I’m sorry,” she said to the customer who was telling her his order. “Could you repeat that one more time for me?”

As Karina finished the rest of her shift, she wondered if she would ever see Damien again. Part of her hoped she would, but there was also a small part that feared what would happen if she did.